Why would you want to buy anything from me?

Smart-Idea-150x150One think I keep thinking to myself as I am working my way through the Partnership 2 Success course is “Why would you want to buy anything from me?” It is something that keeps popping into my mind when I am thinking about the creation of my first product, it is a nagging doubt that won’t go away.

I know from my research and from reading posts on other blogs and other sources, that as long as my product does what it says it is going to do on my sales page, the fact that this would be my first product, should not be something I should worry about too much. John Thornhill mentions on his blog that it may actually help if I am just starting out, if I am teaching something from a newbie’s prospective.

Will be product of a high enough quality?

I keep thinking that can I deliver a quality product as there are probably better products out there and can I compete with them in this highly competitive market.

Isn’t there too many products out there already covering this topic?

This is another nagging doubt of mine – surely there are so many products out there say about social media marketing – can I make another product that can actually sell? John says, that as long as the product delivers what it says on the tin (or the sales page in this case), don’t worry about it – no need to reinvent the wheel.


I need to make sure my product is unique as to make sure there is no other product out there like mine. If I write the product from my perspective, this will give it uniqueness as my style will be personal and different from others.

Who would someone else want to promote my first product?

Would anyone in their right mind, want to promote my first product I have created, bearing in mind I am a complete novice. Well, I guess on this point, you need to follow the advice of the experts who deliver some excellent advice about successful product launches, and I just need to make sure that (and yes I am repeating myself) my product actually delivers what it says it will.

Hopefully once I get through the various stages and finally create my first product, with the help, guidance and support of my fellow P2S students, the experts who are offering their advice & tips and especially with the skills and experience of John Thornhill supporting P2S student launches, my first product launch will be a success and hopefully I will sell a few products.

Wish me the best of luck as I am sure I will be needing it – it will take some time but hopefully we will all succeed!


  • James Hughes

    Reply Reply January 27, 2015

    Hey Kevin,
    First, Good Luck! I am sure you will do great on your first product launch. It is really smart of you to constantly question the authenticity of your product. It is something even experienced marketers should continue doing in order to keep themselves grounded and staying up to the mark. An additional piece of advice I would like to give you is that you stay up to date and dream big!
    Great job on the blog mate.

  • paul

    Reply Reply February 24, 2015

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    I agree with what James says and like the idea that you question why would anyone want to buy something from you?

    Well with that can of attitude it tells me you are the kind of person who wants to create something of value and that is a great thing, you just do not want to put some crap together just for money!

    Best of luck Kevin and as you said research and apply :-)

    I also just want to say that I am on a personal challenge to comment on all the blogs on P2S which I have a list of 155 and I want to complete this by 22nd of March 15, so remember that and please feel free to visit my blog and return the comment :-)

    Best Wishes


  • Susan Rivera

    Reply Reply April 2, 2015

    I know those doubts well. But there is certainly more than one way to tell a story. You are right to focus on creating a quality product. John Thornhill is a great teacher. If you follow his advice you should do well. Good luck!

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